1.3 Games ID

All the channels you need to make PLAYTOURN work are already in your server. Let’s go through them. ‘games id’ Channel: In this channel, each user can input their game IDs for different gaming platforms. The Bot associates the Discord user with their game IDs, providing quicker access to competitions. PLAYTOURN records all the entered IDs, and you can easily check them at any time for every user on your server. This helps you guard against users attempting to play with a second account. If you want to learn how to manage and modify the IDs entered by your users, move to this tutorial.

Press the green button if you want to view your registered IDs. With the blue button, you can configure IDs you haven’t added yet. Using the dropdown menu just below, you can check the IDs of all users on your server.

We have added an emergency command (only for administrators) to modify or reset user IDs. It may happen that a user changes their ID for their platform. For security reasons, only administrators can modify IDs upon user request. To do this (see video below), type the slash (/) in the text chat box and click the PLAYTOURN icon. Choose whether to delete or modify the ID. Keep in mind that if you delete it, the user will need to enter it again. Start typing the user’s Discord name in the first box, while the second box opens the dropdown menu you intend to modify or delete. Once you have entered the new ID or selected the one to delete, press enter to confirm. The Bot will message you about the successful operation.