2.4 Adding Fake Users to Fill Slots in the Tournament

Sometimes, when you create a tournament, a user might not show up or you might want certain users to skip directly to the second round of a competition. Whatever your need, we’ve thought of a system to add Fake Users to your tournaments. To do this, go to the tournament category (remember that each tournament has its own category) and copy the ID of the channel named ‘tournament’. On Desktop, right-click and select ‘copy channel ID’; on Mobile, simply press and hold on the tournament channel to find the same option.

Once you’ve copied the code, anywhere in your Server type “/” in the chat bar and in the screen that appears, search and click on the “/addsubs” menu.

You will see a string at the bottom where you can enter the tournament ID (the channel ID you just copied) and the number of fake users you want to add. Once entered, press enter and you’re done.