1.2 First Setup

As soon as the Bot joins your server, it sends you a private message. It asks you to choose the Bot’s language. After making the selection and pressing confirm, the bot automatically creates the PLAYTOURN category with all the necessary channels to manage it. You can move the channels wherever you prefer or keep them in the same category.

Now, as a first step, head to the newly created PLAYTOURN category in your Discord server and enter the ‘settings’ channel. Here, you’ll find two messages—one about your plan version (free or premium) and the other about bot settings. Press the ‘edit settings’ button. A new message from the Bot is generated at the bottom of the same channel with the dropdown menu. Click it to choose which setting you want to modify.

The editable settings include:

  • Language
  • Timezone
  • Teams Channel
  • Tournament Channel
  • Tournament Manager Role
  • Templates

The language and timezone settings are straightforward—you can change the bot’s language and select your country’s timezone. The bot automatically creates two channels for tournaments and teams. You can rename and move them wherever you like, or create dedicated channels yourself and assign them from the bot’s settings. The Tournament Manager Role allows you to choose which of the roles you’ve set up in your Discord server can manage competitions. This way, you can have assistants who can help you handle the competitions together.
In the Premium version, you can modify tournament, leaderboard, and bracket templates.