2.1 How to Create a Tournament

Creating a tournament is a breeze. Head to the ‘Create Tournament’ channel that PlayTourn set up when it joined your Discord server. Hit the green button ‘Create Tournament’ and await the Bot’s direct message. Yes, PlayTourn chats with you. Navigate to your private chats and start crafting your tournament by selecting its name.

Choose a name and press on to the next step. In the second phase, input the tournament start and end dates, bearing in mind the date format varies based on the bot’s language – in English, it’s mm/day/year, while in other languages, it’s dd/mm/year. The time is optional and doesn’t affect the tournament’s start; it’s merely a reference for participants. In the following step, pick the game. The listed games come with presets like modes, maps, score calculations, etc. If the game isn’t in the list, opt for ‘custom’ and tailor your experience. Then, select the participant type, either 1v1 or teams. Choose the platform from the available options and the tournament mode – these also vary from game to game. Now, you’ll be prompted to decide on the number of participants. In the free Bot version, the maximum is 16 participants (users or teams), while in the premium version, the limit is 1024.

Proceed with creating the tournament until you reach the green “create tournament” button. Once done, go back to your Discord Server, and at the bottom of the PlayTourn channels list, it will have created the category for you (named after the tournament) with all the channels you need to manage the competition. Each tournament has its category and channels, allowing you to work precisely.

In the Control Panel channel, you can modify the tournament settings and open registrations. When you open registrations, in the channel assigned to tournaments, the registration form for users of your server will appear.

When you’ve reached the desired number of participants, return to the tournament control panel channel and press the “close registrations” button to start the tournament.