1.1 How to Download PlayTourn

The first step is to invite PLAYTOURN to your Discord server. To do this, click the ‘Login with Discord’ button or the ‘Add to Discord’ buttons located on the homepage of our website https://playtourn.com. Now, you need to choose the server to invite PLAYTOURN and press the ‘Continue’ button. In the second step, remember to grant […]

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1.2 First Setup

As soon as the Bot joins your server, it sends you a private message. It asks you to choose the Bot’s language. After making the selection and pressing confirm, the bot automatically creates the PLAYTOURN category with all the necessary channels to manage it. You can move the channels wherever you prefer or keep them

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1.3 Games ID

All the channels you need to make PLAYTOURN work are already in your server. Let’s go through them. ‘games id’ Channel: In this channel, each user can input their game IDs for different gaming platforms. The Bot associates the Discord user with their game IDs, providing quicker access to competitions. PLAYTOURN records all the entered

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1.4 Link Twitch

Connecting Twitch is easy. Head to the Twitch Account channel and press the blue ‘Your Account’ button. In the subsequent message, click “Link Account”. Important: You need to enter the complete link to your Twitch profile, including https: // Twitch.tv (You Account Name). Once entered, press the Submit button, and the process will be complete.

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2.1 How to Create a Tournament

Creating a tournament is a breeze. Head to the ‘Create Tournament’ channel that PlayTourn set up when it joined your Discord server. Hit the green button ‘Create Tournament’ and await the Bot’s direct message. Yes, PlayTourn chats with you. Navigate to your private chats and start crafting your tournament by selecting its name. Choose a

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2.5 Delete a tournament

Deleting a tournament is very simple. In the category of the competition you want to delete, go to the Control Panel channel. The first item is “delete tournament”. Press the red button and confirm your choice by going to the bottom of the page to confirm. PlayTourn will automatically delete the tournament category and its

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